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I often get asked "what did you use for ____" or "what do you recommend for ____". So to make things a bit easier for everyone, I have made a guide! It is a list of items I have personally bought, used, and liked. Some have attached links that are connected to a referral program. I would really appreciate it if you would use my link as a way of reciprocating the time and energy I put to create this list. This is a live list so updates will be ongoing.

Apothecary Goods:

Fat & the Moon: baby powder, nipple cream, so much more ($14 off their first order)




Lactation Supplements:

Euphoric herbs 


Baby Soap:

Babo Botanicals 



The natural baby co, Maisonette 


Baby feeder:

Moss + Fawn Feeder

Baby food: 


For when we want pouches on the go! So many flavors, all organic and intentionally made.

Thrive Subscription: 40% off first order!

It's nice to get to order organic and healthy snacks and food, especially when times get a bit too hectic. 

Car seat:

UPPA baby Stroller + car seat 

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